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The year is 3173. Adrift amongst the stars since the ecological destruction of earth 500 years ago, humanity has carved out an existence on a group of spaceships and space stations, drifting aimlessly through the vast dangers of space. Life on the cobbled together fleet is tough, so you signed up for the rescue corps after the third ship went dark. 


The Council of Colonies begged people to volunteer. They needed people to investigate. To stop the spread between the ships. You had no experience, you were just a civilian after all, but they promised to provide basic training. Now, you’ve been called to your first mission. The Council’s premier battleship, the Allura, has ceased all communication and gone dark. The Council fears the worst. 


You and your new teammates must get in, disconnect the Allura from the network, and see if you can find the cause before it spreads further through the colonies. No other mission has returned successfully. What darkness awaits you on the decks of the Allura?


Allura is a stand alone incursion for Trophy Dark. You need a copy of the base game of Trophy Dark to play. 

Allura is a digital PDF. 


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