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One day, the dead started returning to haunt the living. This was, as you would expect, somewhat disruptive to society. People started looking for ways to get rid of the ghost nuisance in their lives. Requests for paranomal investigators sky-rocketed. 


But times change. People adapt. Now, you are a struggling paranormal investigator with Paranormal Inc. doing your best to keep the equipment working, the lights on, and your belly full.  


Paranormal Inc. is a gm-less tabletop roleplaying game for 2-5 players. It uses a standard deck of cards and some 6-sided dice to generate a world for you to explore and solve mysteries in. 

Paranormal Inc. is a game about solving mysteriesstruggling under capitalism, and making connections with living and dead alike. It's a game about pushing through your own personal hauntings to help others. 


Paranomal Inc. is a Carved from Brindlewood game. Brindlewood Bay is a cozy mystery game by Jason Cordova. Think Murder She Wrotes meets eldritch horrors. Paranormal Inc. takes the base engine of Brindlewood Bay, and turns it into a game that doesn't require a Game Master. Gather your friends and your supplies, and start telling your story together. 


Paranormal Inc. uses a standard deck of cards to generate locations, paranormal events, NPCs, and clues for a scene. This allows players to create a world together without the need for a GM. Players can choose from 1 of 6 playbooks to give their Investigator a unique feel: the Scientist, the Skeptic, the Medium, the Intern, the Bookworm, or the Ghost. 


Paranormal Inc. takes it inspiration from a host of ghost themed media like Scooby-Doo, The Haunting of Hill House, and Ghost Hunters. Mysteries provided for Paranormal Inc. cover a variety of themes and tones, so there is something for every taste! Additionally, the game includes guidance for creating your own mysteries to play through! 


Paranormal Inc. (Physical Copy)

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