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Self-Published Work

Paranormal Inc.

July 2021

June 2020

April 2020

Smash: A Game About Being a Cat

January 2020

October 2019

Dashing Kobold Kavalry; Or, A Confusion of Weasels

October 2019

Co-Written with Cat Evans


Camp Flying Moose for Girls of All Kinds

September 2019

The Call of Primus
August 2019


Basic Witches
February 2019 



Bed, Breakfast and Beyond

Mar 2021

With Chris Bissette

Codex: Starlight 2

Let the Night One In

October 2020

Codex: Ectoplasm 2

Brindlewood Bay: Nephews in Peril

October 2020

Gauntlet Publishing

Book of Seasons: Equinoxes

March 2020


March 2020

Book of Seasons: Solstices

December 2019

Midwinter Ghost Stories
December 2019

Grimm Encounters III

October 2019

Mistkickers: Ravenloft Sidekicks

October 2019

Beyond the Basics

September 2019

Uncaged Vol 1

March 2019



Project Management

Eat the Rich Zine
July 2020 - Ongoing
Co-managed with Cat Evans

Eat the Rich Anthology

November 2019
Co-managed with Cat Evans

Other Work

RPG Writer Workshop Instructor

July 2020

Topic: Mind mapping, Outlining and Adventure Flowcharts

Uncaged Vol 4

February 2020


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